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The Kalis Family

First things first………………………..






Now, to the blog post:

It was fantastic to see Erica, Trevor and Kaden once again.  We caught the LAST FEW MINUTES of nice weather on the storm, no storm, storm, no storm Friday we had recently. 😉 So glad we could swing it Erica- it was great to see you all again.


And I wish you 10,000 congratulations on your new little sweetie!!  I look forward to meeting him/her.







Ethan and Wyatt!

What an awesome way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.  With the weather being so unpredictable in North Dakota lately- we NAILED the perfect day for family photos and little Ethan’s cake smashing (ok-cupcake).  After stumbling upon what I THOUGHT was a commercial property and asking permission to shoot here …and finding out it was an old farmstead where a precious husband and wife LIVED, and graciously allowed me to shoot- I couldn’t be more happy with this beautiful spot!   A pine forest in the middle of Grand Forks!


Thank you Jason and Hanah for a beautiful Wednesday evening and for sharing your sweet little guys with me for awhile!





Hudson Patrick and family

This sweet little one is a precious 8 days new.  This being my second session with Maura, Marcus and their awesome little guys- it was a sweet reminder of how much fun little boys can be.

With nary a moments coaxing- little Myles and Cole were more than happy to “show me how it’s done” when we started our home based session with them jumping on their beds (most emphatically).  While  sweet little Hudson was happiest snuggled close with Mommy- and we were more than happy to oblige.  To me- nothing is sweeter than the real life moments between little ones and their families.  





Michelle SchumacherFebruary 21, 2013 - 3:49 am

I love these pictures! Hudson sure is a lucky boy to have such wonderful (and cute!) big brothers! You all are truly blessed!


Maura and Marcus showed up with the most adorable little raven haired boys- ages 2 and 4.  Remember that everyone- ages 2…and…4.  As a photographer, and other photographers will understand, those two ages together are often a hit or miss with regard to interest in having their photos taken, more often than not- a miss. 😉  BUT these two dashing little men were more than generous with their smiles,  their giggles, and their jumps..oh and the “muscles”- CAN’T forget the muscles.  And so after these awesome little guys, a beautiful evening (64 degrees!) and a most lovely expectant momma- I would call that one happy Tuesday. 🙂


Thank you Maura and Marcus for sharing your family with me for the evening!

Manstrom PhotographyJanuary 24, 2013 - 2:38 am

Savannah you are soooooooooo talented!!! Your work is so lovely 🙂